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Visionaries with a clearly defined mission

Our vision is driven by our mission; to serve and connect the people and communities we protect. We stand with law enforcement partners in providing ethical and accountable off duty service resources to valued clients and the communities they serve.



Providing smart and dependable security solutions

At Summit, we pride ourselves on being reliable and resourceful partners. We create and manage customized security programs for businesses by leveraging our experience in law enforcement, team of dedicated client service managers, and large network of off-duty peace officers that provides a nationwide reach with localized solutions. This alleviates the burden of crafting and staffing security details so our clients are free to focus on their business.


  • 2006 – 2016

    For more than 10 years, Innovative Surveillance Solutions (ISS) was an oil & gas service provider specializing in safety, security, and investigations. As our business grew, we began to focus on what we did better than anyone else: providing off duty law enforcement officers to serve our clients’ needs.

  • 2016 – 2020

    ISS evolved to form Athos Group representing our focus on the off duty law enforcement security industry. Athos quickly became a leader in managed services and requests of clients seeking the assistance of local off duty peace officers.

  • 2020

    Athos underwent a deliberate, strategic transformation through several key acquisitions, becoming a tech innovator and market maker with a mission of connecting public servants with companies in the communities they serve.

  • 2021

    For more than 15 years, Athos Group has served as a leader in off duty law enforcement security. As a result of our growth and expanded capabilities, Athos has created a new operating entity, Summit Off Duty Services, LLC, to provide an even higher level of service to our clients.


Leadership team & values

The Summit leadership team is one of the most dynamic in the industry. Our leaders include former corporate security directors, local and federal law enforcement leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs working each day to deliver the highest quality of security in the industry.

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