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Police officer presence at retail locations mitigates theft challenges

Officers are infinitely more effective at deterring criminals compared to security personnel in retail settings because they’re fully vetted, licensed, trained and have knowledge of the local area and associated criminal activity.

Officers not only recognize a threat but also know the legal parameters of response. With that knowledge, they will respond effectively, in accordance with the law, to prevent or stop the crime while keeping your customers, employees and products safe, and your business from coming under future fire in the form of legal action.

70% of Americans are more likely to shop at a store or visit an entertainment venue that has onsite security

Here with security now, everything is looking great. Anthony is at our site and he is awesome.

— Store Manager

Summit’s national police network makes it easy to respond to seasonality of retail needs. Our client management team partners with clients to serve as an always-on liaison ensuring the right security solution is in place when you need them.

Our massive network of officers – 60,000 strong – means you can count on Summit officers to be there when you need them.

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