Off duty services and security for the healthcare industry

Protecting healthcare workers and their facilities.


Hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities are some of the most difficult venues to protect. When facing high-risk situations such as medical and psychiatric incidents, your security needs to be calm, reliable, and experienced. Additionally, expensive equipment and controlled substances can attract an unwanted criminal element.

Summit understands the unique needs of hospitals, providing off duty officers trained for a medical environment. We offer our services with minimal lead time to complement existing security plans and keep your healthcare workers safe.

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The Summit Advantage

By simplifying the off duty staffing process, Summit gives companies the ability to focus on their business, not their security.

Why Choose Summit?

Summit is your single point of contact for all
your security needs.

Local presence with national reach

Summit provides access to a large pool of off duty officers across multiple jurisdictions.

In addition to connecting you with off duty officers in your local community, our relationships with officers nationwide allow us to offer quick turnaround and consistent staffing, even during times of high demand.

Security management consulting

Many companies lack the expertise or capabilities to effectively manage incidents and security threats. For support on difficult assignments, you can rely on Summit.

Our recognized security experts have decades of experience as corporate security directors and law enforcement executives, offering scalable assistance tailored to your individual needs.

Disaster response and incident management

In times of crisis such as natural disasters or protests, response time and capability is critical.

Summit combines security expertise with community knowledge and established local relationships to protect your interests and your local community. Our experienced, local officers can de-escalate threats and quickly respond to criminal activity.

Workplace violence prevention

Developing a workplace violence prevention strategy requires experienced and qualified professionals. Experienced Summit advisors can assist with every facet of workplace violence prevention, including assessment, conduct, terminations, and management of ongoing threats or violence.


How Summit helped Houston overcome Hurricane Harvey

We deployed more than 500 off-duty officers to assist with the response to one of the most devastating storms in recent memory.

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