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Off duty peace officers deliver security to financial institutions and peace of mind for employees

Bank robberies may sound like a thing of the past, conjuring images of John Dillinger or Bonnie & Clyde, but it’s a crime that persists today and continues to take a toll on communities throughout the nation.

In its most recent (2019) Bank Crime Statistics Report, the FBI recorded 2,440 bank robberies throughout the year, resulting in millions stolen from banks, armored cars and other financial institutions. Bank robbers are likely to be armed and potentially dangerous…to employees, customers, and the future of the institution.

In light of this threat, banks turn to off-duty officers. Unlike security personnel, officers have the authority to secure the premise, serve as a visual deterrent to criminals, and stand ready to respond.

Summit provides off-duty officers for extra security at banking and financial institutions. Uniformed officers safeguard liquid assets within a bank, and deliver peace of mind to employees and customers.

60% of workers would feel safer at work if their employer hired onsite security
More than 70% of Americans are more likely to visit a store that has onsite security.