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Industries we serve

Summit serves variety of industries locally, regionally, and nationally. Backed by the power of highly trained law enforcement, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge to meet each client’s unique security needs.


End-to-end security consulting

Summit provides security consulting for every need, and we’re renowned for being a trusted partner and advocate for our customers. Our consulting programs generate value by mitigating risk and increasing efficiency.

Icon-Program and site analysis

Program and site


Risk assessment and recommendations


Security training and emergency preparedness


24/7 service delivery team provides support anytime, day or night.

We leverage innovative RollKall technology to efficiently staff and monitor officers, facilitate timely payment collection, and provide customized reporting for customers.

  • Staff and monitor peace officers
  • Facilitate timely payment collection
  • Provide customized reporting

The benefits of working with off duty peace officers

The presence of off duty peace officers provide a visible deterrent to criminal activity and disorderly conduct. Trained and experienced in de-escalation tactics to mitigate threats, off duty peace officers have the the full authority of the law to address threats and arrest authority.

Why work with off duty officers?
  • Proactive response (not just observe and report)
  • Vast communication network
  • Public health and safety training
  • Relationship building and collaboration
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Multi-agency partnerships
  • Knowledge of local communities

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