Summit Through the Storm

From pre-planning to resolution, Summit Off Duty Services knows natural disasters and has supported clients throughout some of the worst storm’s our nation has encountered.

Before the storm

Security starts before the storm hits. Most natural disasters come with warning; that warning sends people into a tailspin. Under duress, consumers don’t always make the best, safest decisions. The tension before the storm leads to mobs at stores. Fights break out. Having a uniformed officer on site to keep the peace can help prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.

Traffic control is also important as the local police forces are strapped with preparation and consumers whip in and out of stores and hastily preparing. It’s also important in the event of an evacuation.


With any luck at all, the storm only lasts a finite number of hours to a day. When the sun is out again, the real work starts. With local police forces working overtime to keep the peace and tend to households hardest hit by the storm, reinforcements help to:

  • Direct traffic
  • Guard stores, businesses, infrastructure, and valuable assets
  • Ensure humanitarian aid gets to where it’s needed
  • Ensure safety at relief centers or evacuation sites
  • Protect the physical assets and human workforce of businesses

Good corporate citizens may play an important role in delivering relief — like water, charging stations, and meals — and supporting the local community. Summit helps make that happen safely.

The security specialists at Summit Off Duty Services are available to help you think through a variety of scenarios and be prepared as the hurricane season gets underway.