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Reliable partners for peace officer-led security

Summit will be there when you need us, is respected and appreciated by law enforcement, and eager to help customers achieve their goals.

At Summit, our client experience team partners with you as an always-on liaison, ensuring the right security solution is in place. We have a solid bench of officers because we treat officers like we’d like to be treated -- paying them quickly, respecting their needs. That perspective has led to strong relationships and a nationwide network of 60,000+ officers eager to serve Summit customers with white-glove security solutions.


Delivering peace of mind.

While Summit can fulfill job requests in as few as four hours, we like to take a methodical approach to knowing your business and developing a tailor-fit solution.
Assessment - We start by taking stock of our clients perceived risks, understanding business and security goals, visiting the site as needed/able.
Consultation - Our team of seasoned law enforcement leaders and former security directors help clients think through the complete risk profile to determine the right solutions and
staffing to help clients meet their goals.
Managed Services - We deliver solid security strategies and manage staffing, billing, payments so clients can focus on more pressing matters. We're attuned to our clients' business needs work to stay ahead of evolving risks

Creating Value

We know it is an investment by customers to engage off duty officers to support their safety and security goals. We strive to ensure that the investment pays off.

Officers bring the authoritative presense, training and access to reinforcements that stops bad actors in their tracks, protecting your assets, employees and customers and protecting the business’s ability to grow.

Off-duty police officers vs. security guards – which is right for your business?

International telecom retailer realizes 376% ROI in peace officers through Summit

The Summit Advantage


"I wanted to let you know that we are extremely impressed with Summit's services. Your communication, professionalism and timely invoicing are a breath of fresh air. You have the most squared away off duty law enforcement service I have seen so far."

- Healthcare customer in Houston

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