Built on a commitment to serve and dedication to lead, Summit is revolutionizing off duty staffing by implementing smart technologies and leveraging resourceful partners to deliver a higher caliber of service and security. By simplifying the off duty staffing process, we give companies the ability to focus on their business, not how they’re going to secure and pay local law enforcement resources.


98% staffing for all off duty job requests


Job requests fulfilled in as little as 4 hours


60,000 officers across the United States

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HQ: Irving, TX Founded: 2006


Building impactful partnerships

Our business is built on the strength of our relationships, with eighty-five percent of growth through referral. Our experienced client management team works hard to understand our clients' businesses, anticipate their needs, and deliver security solutions to meet the day-to-day and emergency response needs of our customers. Founded by and for law enforcement professionals who understand the security risks our customers face, we handle everything from staffing to officer payment and tax documentation.


Creating meaningful opportunities

Summit expertly manages security details for clients, saving them time and freeing them to focus on their business. We have seen clients through myriad challenges from natural disasters and theft prevention to high-risk events like workplace violence and demonstration management. Our services come standard with insurance protection for the business, the department, and the officer.


How Summit helped Houston overcome Hurricane Harvey

We deployed more than 500 off-duty officers to assist with the response to one of the most devastating storms in recent memory.

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